The Annex Program is an annual exhibition series curated and hosted by The Lighthouse Works in our Ferry Annex studio/gallery space. The Annex Program is unrelated to our fellowship program and offers only the opportunity to show one’s work in a gallery setting; there is no additional funding or residence opportunity on Fishers Island associated with the exhibition. Visual artists from on and off Fishers Island are encouraged to submit their work for consideration.

The Ferry Annex building circa 1940.
Photo courtesy of the H.L. Ferguson Museum


To submit your work for consideration for an Annex Program exhibition, please send an email to info@thelighthouseworks.com. In your email, please provide some basic biographical information about yourself and your work (500 words or less, please). Attach 5-10 images of your artwork with one artwork per image.


All work samples will be reviewed by a group of professionals in your discipline. Annex Program shows typically take place in June or July; dates for this year’s show(s) will be set by spring 2013.

The deadline to apply for the 2013 Annex Program was January 1, 2013.

The deadline to apply has passed. If you applied by the deadline, you should expect to receive a response by May 1, 2013, and can follow up with an email query if you have not heard by that date.


Ethan Kibbe's "In WILDNESS ..."


We are not accepting work for consideration for exhibition at this time.

Summer 2013 exhibitions will be announced this spring.