Do you have a mailing list?  How do I join?
Yes, we do, and you can join it here – https://www.thelighthouseworks.com/contact/.

Fellowship Program

How long is a session?
Six weeks.

When can I apply?
We accept applications to the Fellowship Program during two open calls every year.  Please see the application page for more information about the timing of these calls and the corresponding dates of the sessions for each call.

How do I apply?
All applications to our Fellowship Program must be made through our online application portal at slideroom.com. Applicants are required to fill out an application form and to submit work samples and a statement of intent. Further explanation of the application materials can be found here.

Are international artists allowed to apply?
At this time, we are only considering applications from US-based artists.

Is there an age requirement or limit?
Fellows must be at least 21 years of age. There is no maximum age limit.

I’m part of a collaborative group. Are we allowed to apply together?
We would support your collaborative efforts here, but only if you all applied separately and were accepted separately. We are in the process of considering opportunities to better support collaborative efforts, so stay tuned.

How often am I allowed to apply?
You can submit an application for every open call. Our jury changes for each open call, so your work will be given a fresh look each time.

I work in many different disciplines. Can I submit multiple times with different work?
Lighthouse Works supports cross disciplinary work; however, for the purpose of applying you must choose one discipline. Please choose whichever work you think is your strongest.

I’m a musician, can I apply?
As of right now, we are not currently accepting applications from musicians but as we grow we are looking into supporting musicians. Please continue to check in on our website to see if anything has changed.

How much does it cost to apply?
The application fee is 25 dollars.

Will you waive my application fee?
Unfortunately, we are unable to waive the application fee for any reason.

I applied but haven’t heard back from you!
More often than not our email got stuck in your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, just email us at info@thelighthhouseworks.com. We’re happy to help.

How much does it cost to go to Lighthouse Works if accepted?
The Lighthouse Works Fellowship is cost-free. Each fellow is awarded $1,750 stipend to put toward travel, supplies or whatever else each Fellow feels they need to help them come to Fishers Island for six weeks. Our belief is that no artist should have to spend money to accept the opportunity of a fellowship.

What kind of facilities are there?
The Lighthouse Works has a full woodshop in the Annex including a chop saw, panel saw, table saw, sanders drills, metal chop saw and a mig welder. There is also a dark room and a letterpress. The letterpress print shop is set up for printing type so if you are a classical printmaker you might find this set up very limited.

What is the residential accommodation like?
The fellows live together in a farmhouse from the late 1800’s with a small vegetable garden in the front. Each fellow has their own room and shares two full bathrooms.

What is the visitor policy?
Each Fellow is allowed a visitor for one long weekend. This is just a guideline but usually, Fellows become aware of how fast six weeks flies by and are reluctant to distract from their work with too many visitors.

Am I allowed to bring my dog?
Nope. Sorry, no dogs or any other pets.

Am I allowed to bring my significant other or family members?
Unfortunately this is not possible given the accommodations available. But they can always visit for a day or two.

Can I bring my car?
Yes, but you will have to pay to bring it over on the Fishers Island Ferry. Prices depend on the season so please visit their website to check pricing and scheduling.

What are the meals like?
Dinners are communal and are cooked by the Lighthouse Works staff. There are usually plenty of leftovers! Also, the refrigerator is always stocked with whatever the fellows need for breakfast and lunch. Each fellow’s specific dietary needs are taken into consideration.

What is a typical day look like?
We like to give our fellows as much space as we can to do their work. Other than our communal dinners, fellows are free to structure their time however they see fit. All we ask is that fellows participate in two events during their time with us; a casual artist talk on the first weekend of the fellowship and open studios event on the final weekend of the session. This fellowship is suited for self-motivating artist and writers.

Public Art Commission

How can I apply for the commission?
At this time, we are not accepting unsolicited proposals for our annual commission.  The commission is awarded through an independent nomination and jury process.

The Annex

Where are you located?
We are located in the Annex Building on Fishers Island, NY. The Annex is just west of Silver Eel Cove, where our ferry makes port, and north of the intersection of Hound Lane and Greenwood Road.

What are your hours?
Our office and gallery at the Annex are open on:
W-F:10-12:30 and 3:00-4:30
Sa: 10-12:30
and anytime by appointment.

How can I see the artists working in the studios?
The Lighthouse Works is committed to providing uninterrupted time and space for our fellows to focus on their creative work.  While we discourage unannounced visitors to the Studios at the Annex and the Hoffort House, join us for the Artist Talks and Open Studios that are hosted with every session.  These are great opportunities to meet our fellows and see and hear about their work. If you would like to arrange a one-on-one studio visit with our fellows, email us at info@thelighthouseworks.com and we’ll try to set one up.