The Lighthouse Works’ Fellowship is an artist-in-residence program that strives to support artists and writers working in the vanguard of their creative fields.

The program accepts artists working in a wide range of disciplines, but we are best able to accommodate visual artists and writers. Fellowships are six weeks in length, occur year round and provide fellows with housing, food, studio space, a $250 travel allowance and a $1,500 stipend. Artistic excellence is the primary criteria for acceptance as a Lighthouse Works fellow.

While in residence, our fellows’ primary obligation is to the solitary pursuit of their work but we do ask every fellow to participate in an artist talk on the first weekend of the fellowship and to open their studio for an afternoon at the session’s conclusion.

Our program is unique in its size and intimacy; we award fellowships to 25 artists a year. In a program this small, everyone gets to know each other. Thus the fellowship, while allowing ample solitude and plenty of unstructured work time, also allows for conversation, critique, and collaboration.

Our 2017 Fellows

We are so pleased to be welcoming the following 17 artists and writers into residence on Fishers Island.

Visual Art Selection Committees
Daniel Palmer
Courtney Childress
Mark Epstein
Lachell Workman
Daniel Bohzkoz
Bridget Donahue
Gabriela salazar
Olivia Smith
Clint Jukkala
Robert Hult

Literature Selection Committee
Nate Brown
Emma Borgess-Scott
Suzanne Rivecca
Lauren Hilger
Katie Raissain
Miriam Bird Greenberg


Current and Past Fellows

The Lighthouse Works is pleased to welcome D. Allen, Jared Buckheister, Leah Guadagnoli, Kate Moses, and Zach Trow to Fishers Island. Our fall fellows were selected by independent panels from a pool of over 800 applicants and will be in residence from October 24 until December 5, 2017.

We are proud to have supported over 83 artists, writers and composers with the time and space to focus on their creative practice.

Want to visit our Fellow’s studios?  

While we are dedicated to providing our fellows with the uninterrupted time and space to focus on their creative work, we also recognize that moments of conversation and reflection buoy the creative process and we would like to facilitate visits from members of our community to our fellow’s studios. We’d ask that these visits be scheduled in advance by emailing or calling x7713. 

Housing and Facilities

Fellows share a residence, the Hoffort House, with our program’s director. Each fellow has a private bedroom but shares bathrooms, a kitchen and living space. The house is always stocked with food (with dietary needs accommodated), and most nights the directors cook for—and eat dinner with—the fellows.

Lighthouse Works has studio spaces in the Ferry Annex building located adjacent to Silver Eel Cove where the ferry arrives and departs the island. Our studios are private, flooded with light and face the ocean.

Additionally, The Lighthouse Works has a wood and metal shop, a Paragon kiln, a black and white darkroom and a letterpress print shop.  All of which are available to our fellows.


Applications to the program must be made through our online application system during our two open calls.   More information about applying to the Fellowship Program can be found here.

Partnership with the Fishers Island School

Holding the belief that skill-sharing and dialogue around the practice of making and looking at art is important to the education of the youth in our community, we are committed to facilitating dynamic artist-led workshops in collaboration with the Art and English department at the Fishers Island School.

Though we do not require this of our fellows, we do encourage each to consider leading one of these workshops.  Since the founding of the program, our fellows have led over 30 workshops in poetry, fiction, painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage, film photography, darkroom processing, and darkroom and printing.


We want to hear from you, but please check our FAQs before sending a query to