Our print shop is a public-access printing studio offering letterpress printed matter, community classes, and rentable studio time. The shop is equipped with a Pilot platen press and a Vandercook SP-15 Proof press, more than 300 typefaces of hand type, all the necessary printing accessories, and the ability to print from both hand-set forms and photopolymer plates. The Lighthouse Works is committed to promoting printmaking and to supporting local creativity through affordable workshops, a vibrant learning community, and access to professional tools and facilities.

A new form all locked up in the Poco Proof Press


The Lighthouse Works is committed to making works on paper that produce minimal marks on our natural world. We print only on sustainable papers: Crane Lettra, made with cotton remnants from the garment industry (tree free), and Mohawk Papers, which use the highest possible percentage of post- consumer content and are produced in a carbon-neutral, Green Seal Certified process utilizing wind energy.

Though it is often painstaking, we also print with antique presses, one manual and one using minimal electricity. All in all, while it is time-consuming, our method of letterpress printing is far and away less damaging and more sustainable than any type of digital printing available. Not to mention that it is more beautiful and authentic, because every piece is made by hand.


An IPP student displays a fresh print.


Our Community Printshop would love to continue to expand, but antique equipment is often rare and costly. If you have any of the following items lying around, or happen to encounter them near a dumpster, we would gladly accept:

Equipment donations may be tax-deductible. Please contact us to find out.


This shop was made possible by generous contributions by

Nan and Ted Danforth


The Sanger Fund


If you have a question about the Print Shop, please contact