The Lighthouse Works is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization devoted to encouraging the development of artists through a fellowship program and to the enrichment of the year-round cultural and economic vitality of Fishers Island, New York.

Our primary purpose is to provide artists with space and time, free from material concerns, to do their best creative work. We bring artists and writers on fellowship to Fishers Island, where they are provided with room, board and studio space, giving them ample opportunity for quiet productivity in a serene, supportive environment.

Our organization’s efforts also support and enrich the cultural and economic vitality of Fishers Island. We host open studios, artist talks, facilitate an exhibition and reading series and annually commission a piece of public artwork. By assisting artists at critical junctures in their careers, we aim to be a significant force in preserving and promoting the central role of the arts in our culture. We hope our work will also inspire the creation of other small businesses and organizations in our community, making Fishers Island an enclave of creativity and a cultural destination.

Our Commitment to Protecting Free Speech
Freedom of speech is the foundation of our communities and our nation. The work of the artists that this institution supports may awe, illuminate, challenge, unsettle, confound, provoke, and, at times, offend. Although Lighthouse Works does not endorse the work, vision, ideas, and opinions of the artists it supports, it will both uphold the right of these artists to create their work and defend the rights of all to experience these diverse visions and views. If controversies arise from the exhibition of a work of art, we encourage public discussion and debate with the belief that such dialogues are integral to the experience of art.


We are located in the Annex Building on Fishers Island, NY. The Annex is just west of Silver Eel Cove, where our ferry makes port, and north of the intersection of Hound Lane and Greenwood Road.

Annex Gallery and Office Hours

The gallery and office at the Annex is open:
W-F: 10-12:30 and 3-4:30
Sa: 10-12:30 and anytime by appointment with

Studio Visitation Policy
The Lighthouse Works is dedicated to providing our fellows with the uninterrupted time and space to focus on their creative work. While we encourage our community to visit us during our open hours at the gallery in the Annex, we discourage unannounced visits to the Hoffort House and our fellow’s studios.

If you’d like to meet our fellows we’d encourage you to join us for the Artist Talk and Open Studio events hosted during each session. Individual studio visits may be requested by emailing or calling (631) 788-7713.

Fishers Island
Fishers Island, NY is a small island located in the Long Island Sound just off the coast of Connecticut. We are accessible by ferry from New London, Connecticut, and by private or commuter boat from Noank, Connecticut. We like to say the island is isolated, but not remote; New York City and Boston are both within three hours of the island, and public transportation from here to any major east coast city is easily accessible.


As a 501(c)3, The Lighthouse Works depends on the generosity of individuals and foundations to provide critical support to artists every year. A gift to The Lighthouse Works promotes the central role of the arts in our society and also helps to enrich the cultural vitality of Fishers Island, New York. We continue to be incredibly grateful to each and every person who has contributed in one way or another to make this work possible!


Questions? We want to hear from you, but please check our FAQs before sending a query.

Email :

Mail:   The Lighthouse Works
             P.O. Box 385
             Fishers Island, NY 06390


Mary B. Burnham

Heather Ferguson Burnham
Vice President

Harry S. Parker III

Whitney Armstrong
Margaret O’Neil Frank
Ella Foshay
Marnie Franklin
Jan Geniesse
Meredith James
Susan Lawrence
Elizabeth Miller
Charles Thomas O’Neil
Sarah Stack
Christabel Vartanian


Nate Malinowski
Executive Director

Tryn Collins
Fellowship Director